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The Double K Ranch was started by Jim Kouf in 1985 and founded on respect for the land and the love of a great steak. Along with his wife, Lynn, and the desire to teach their children where good food came from, they created a one of a kind place where we produce the highest quality meat that is ethically and sustainably raised.  

Our Angus beef is all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free, and has been since the beginning. The cows are bred, born and raised on our ranch and grass-fed and finished right on the property where they are processed.  Aged in our coolers for a minimum of 30 to 120 days and beyond, then custom cut in our butcher shop. And in 2020, we began to raise our own hogs right here on the ranch. Heritage breed, pasture raised, happy hogs. 

We offer high-quality sustainable meats, from steaks and chops to burger, sausage,  and pastrami.  And through our curing shop, Fifth Season Montana, founded by Dillon Kouf in 2019, we are excited to be one of the only curing shops in the state producing old-style Charcuterie meats including Salami, Bresaola, Pancetta, Coppa and more, all made by hand.

Our dream has always been to provide healthy and delicious food for our friends and family.  So please come visit us in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley and you too can see where your meat comes from.



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Double K Ranch


At the Double K Ranch, we care about being stewards of the land and the environment around us. From solar panels to our own composting facility, our intention is to be as good to the planet as possible. Read below for more information about the sustainability efforts on the ranch.


The Double K Ranch currently has 111 solar panels on the property. Starting with 40 panels, and recently adding another 71 in 2021, with the intention of completely powering the operation with sustainable energy. The current panels are powering a large majority of the meat shop operation, which is most of the power used on the ranch. 

Environmental Benefits​

As of June 5th, 2022 

139,773.9lbs of CO2 emissions saved

Equivalent to 1,065 trees planted.

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Ranching Efforts


Because the Double K Ranch has its own meat shop, including a slaughter facility and curing operation, it allows the ranch to cut its emissions by using less transportation. Typically animals are raised on one property, killed at another, and sold at yet another. Often times all in different states around the country. It takes a lot of gas and man hours to make that happen. Keeping our animals on one property, and selling in the local market, allows the ranch to always remain in control of the animals, cutting down on the emissions used to get meat to your refrigerator.


The Double K Ranch raises only the amount of beef it can feed from the land. Reducing emissions from shipping in hay as well as feed for the beef. All grass fed and finished, they have pasture year round. Because they aren't in small pens, knee deep in their own waste, the pastures are able to consume that waste without letting it build up and contaminate the surrounding area like often found with large feed lots.


The Double K Ranch feeds their hogs a Montana Made, all natural GMO-Free feed. By purchasing feed made in Montana as opposed to feed shipped in from out of state, we are able to reduce emissions in yet another way. Since it is GMO-Free and made without Corn and Soy, there are none of the negative effects from the mass production of those products. All of the ingredients in the feed are grown in Montana. 


  • Happy, stress free animals

  • Good healthy land

  • Reduced Emissions

  • Supplying a local market with local meat

  • Supporting and supplying Montana jobs

  • And most importantly, healthy food for your body