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The Double K Ranch was started by Jim Kouf in 1985 and founded on respect for the land and the love of a great steak. Along with his wife, Lynn, and the desire to teach their children where good food came from, they created a one of a kind place where we produce the highest quality meat that is ethically and sustainably raised.  

Our Angus beef is all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free, and has been since the beginning. The cows are bred, born and raised on our ranch and grass-fed and finished right on the property where they are processed.  Aged in our coolers for a minimum of 30 to 120 days and beyond, then custom cut in our butcher shop. And in 2020, we began to raise our own hogs right here on the ranch. Heritage breed, pasture raised, happy hogs. 

We offer high-quality sustainable meats, from steaks and chops to burger, sausage,  and pastrami.  And through our curing shop, Fifth Season Montana, founded by Dillon Kouf in 2019, we are excited to be one of the only curing shops in the state producing old-style Charcuterie meats including Salumi, Bresaola, Pancetta, Coppa and more, all made by hand.

Our dream has always been to provide healthy and delicious food for our friends and family.  So please come visit us in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley and you too can see where your meat comes from.


The video above shows our both of the meat shops located on the ranch. The Double K Ranch Meats butcher shop, where all the meat is broken down from whole animals to individual cuts.  And where we produce handmade products including Beef Jerky, Pastrami, Bacon and a variety of Sausage and Meat Sticks.

Double K Ranch Custom Meats

This video also shows the Fifth Season Montana curing shop, connected to the Butcher Shop, where all of the cured salumi is produced. Including our variety of Beef, Pork, Lamb and Bison Salami and our whole cured muscle products ranging from Beef Bresaola & Lamb Prosciutto to Pork Coppa, Pancetta, Lonza and more.

Fifth Season Montana Charcuterie