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When I was growing up, my family had a cattle ranch. It wasn’t big, just a hundred acres, but it had horses and cattle, a few pigs and chickens, barns, sheds, tractors, a monstrous barn cat, lots of mice, a field of alfalfa and another of corn, and a Chevy truck with a three-gear-shift on the column. It’s where I learned to ride horses, drive trucks, and explore. So this ranch was paradise for me. An adventure just waiting out the back door. But this was also where our beef came from. And it was a lot of meat, all wrapped up in white paper which filled up a freezer in the garage. I grew up thinking all beef came that way; from a ranch. As I grew up, I discovered this wasn’t so. Most beef came from a grocery store, wrapped in plastic, without connection to a place or the people who raised it. And somehow that didn’t seem right. 


I was devastated when the ranch was sold. I was sixteen. And a big part of my youth was gone with it. I had the memories, but memories are tough to share. I vowed that if I ever got married and had kids, I also had to have a ranch. Not for me, for my unborn future kids. I wanted them to learn what I had learned, that meat comes from a ranch, from an animal, not from a store. So how that animal is raised and cared for is important. It needs to be done right. And caring for the land is important, too. It’s all connected. 


So, I decided I better get a ranch first, before anything else, so I’d be ready if and when those kids ever showed up. Which they did. Four of them. And they all learned to respect the land and the animals. And to ride horses, drive trucks and explore. And along the way, they also found out beef does not come from a market, wrapped in plastic, it comes from a ranch with a connection to the land and the people who raised it.

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Jim Kouf



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To everything there is a season...

Choosing your food based on seasonality is a long-practiced and sustainable way to eat. There is a harmony with the cycles of nature and a resonance with the land that comes forward. The four seasons of eating provide us with all that we need to nourish and sustain our beings. But our ancestors also understood that with the foods we loved most in one season, we could extend their longevity into the other seasons as well. 


Fifth Season Montana was founded on this idea. Using old techniques and locally sourced ingredients, we strive to create the highest quality cured meats. Extending the shelf life of meat from days, and increasing it to months, we are extending the four seasons to include a Fifth Season, so the meat harvested in spring can still be enjoyed in winter, and the game hunted in fall can be enjoyed in summer. It is the Fifth Season that has transformed the way we eat, and, it is this transformation that we celebrate and bring to you with, 


Dillon Kouf


Meet the people working behind the scenes at the Double K Ranch, Meat Shop , Deli, and Fifth Season Montana, making some of the highest quality meats in Montana. From start to finish, we put the animals well being first.


Dillon &
Tesalynn Kouf

Owners & Operators

Dillon oversees all of the operations involved with Double K Ranch. Making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, from the animal operations to the products created in the Meat Shop & Deli, and everything in between.

Tesalynn is the photographer for the ranch and runs its social media platforms. She also helps operate the Deli in Missoula as well as all of the animal operations on the ranch.

Jim & Lynn Kouf


Founders of the Double K Ranch, Jim and Lynn Kouf have operated the ranch since 1985. Starting with just a few cows and growing from there. In the beginning, it was all about showing family and friends where good meat comes from. Now, it's about showing all of Montana.




Adam Hebert

meat Shop Manger

Adam runs the day to day operations in the meat shop. Making sure the shop is clean, and ready for daily inspection, Adam keeps the team going with what needs to be done. Ensuring that each product is dealt with and handled with care.


Ryan James

Deli Head Chef

Ryan is the Head Chef of the Double K Ranch Deli. Crafting tasty meals made from meats processed and raised on our ranch in Darby. check out our deli page to see more information.


morgan phillips

Deli sous Chef

Morgan is the sous chef of the Double K Ranch Deli. Helping create all of the food made in the kitchen.


Meet the crew that keeps the ranch running and the animals happy.

From feeding, haying, ditch work and fencing, they do all of the work necessary too operate and raise the animals on the Double K Ranch



Food Truck

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Darby MT - Ranch    

Darby MT - Meat Shop 

Missoula MT - Deli

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