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Cattle Branding 2023

Spring Branding 2023 was a huge success! Every year at the Double K Ranch, we use branding as an opportunity to come together and celebrate another year of healthy calves as well as the continued success of the ranch. This year, for the first time, we were joined not only by friends and employees of the ranch and meat shop but also by friends and employees of the Deli. Each part of the Double K Ranch operation is connected and we encourage every member of our team to see how different parts of the operation run and are connected to the others.Everyone had a great day learning about the time and care that goes into every animal at the ranch.

Our beef is all-natural, grass-fed Angus beef. Raised without any added hormones or antibiotics in the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains in Darby, Montana. All of our beef is born, raised, and processed in-house, in our butchering facility located directly on the ranch. To ensure we have beef at butcher weight throughout the entirety of the year, we split our cows into two groups. One group births in the fall and the other births in the spring. Having butcher-weight cows available throughout the year is important because it ensures that we are always able to offer fresh beef at both our Darby retail shop and Missoula Deli. Having two birthings a year also means we get to have two brandings every year!

Just like our cows, our pasture-raised, heritage breed Berkshire Hogs are born, raised, and processed, right on the Double K Ranch. As summer approaches, we get ready to welcome a new litter of piglets to the ranch. The pigs have been enjoying both the sunshine and the puddles resulting from the rain. They have also been thoroughly enjoying a delicious treat! Cocoa Husk, a byproduct of chocolate making, donated from Ducrey Chocolate Makers in Missoula.

Thank you again to everyone who came out and helped make branding such a success! We are continuously blown away by the support of our community both in the bitterroot and in Missoula.

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