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We couldn't be happier to be in our deli location serving the community in Missoula and the surrounding area. We have gotten some great feedback and are working each day to bring new delicious products to the display cases. Recently making Terrines and Pates, as well as some in-house sausages, we are just getting started. We can't wait to continue creating and developing new products for everyone to try. One of our goals is to make items that you probably won't find in the grocery stores in town, and some might be a little weird! But you'll get used to it. Tongues, hearts, livers, pig heads, and all. It's that good stuff that is usually forgotten about that will be made into tasty products and you wouldn't even know it. But don't worry, we'll let you know what's in anything you want to try.

With Diamond Bar Meats shutting its doors after 57 years, we knew someone had to keep craft butchery alive in the town. We are grateful to have a meat counter with in-house butchery and a kitchen operating in Missoula. But one thing that is a little bit different with our operation is that we are sourced solely from the Double K Ranch & Meat Shop. So you may have noticed that we aren't always fully stocked with those tasty New York, Tenderloins, and Ribeyes every day. There are a couple of reasons for that. The first is that when we do have those cuts, they sell very quickly. But more importantly, you get a very limited quantity of each of these cuts per animal, so there are a lot of other steaks and roasts that need to be used as well. And yet another large factor to our currently limited supply is the number of animals we raise. We are in the progress of working to grow our Beef and Hog operations at the Ranch, but it takes time. Because we only process our own animals, we have to let Mother Nature take its course and wait for the animals and the herds to grow at a natural rate. With sustainable ranching and a limited amount of space, there are only so many animals we can raise. And we will never put our beef in a feedlot or pigs in a finishing barn, you can count on us to treat our animals with the utmost respect.

We are slowly but surely increasing production as much as possible with our operation and are planning to have lots of meat, new products, and a great selection of locally raised and butchered steaks & deli meats starting this spring.

All of the beef you eat at the deli comes from the Double K Ranch, pasture-raised, grass-fed and finished, and without any added hormones or antibiotics. They never get any grain and are always in the fields. This process typically takes about 3 years to raise a full-sized butcher-weight steer, as opposed to a 16-month-old steer readied for slaughter in a commercial feedlot. Taking more time and effort, but creating a different, healthier alternative to store-bought meat. Our pigs are also pasture-raised, always outside, with lots of shelter of course! But usually commercial and even local farm-raised pork is raised in a barn. Unless they are specifically pasture-raised, they more than likely have never seen the outdoors or a ray of sunshine in their life. Our pigs are happy & fat, and live in the wild outdoors, running around, and of course, destroying everything they can. This might be a little bit more work for us, but it creates a much different, and more unique product than you will find from commercially raised hogs. To read more about the sustainability practices of our ranch, check out the Sustainable Ranching Efforts section of the Ranch page on our website.

We look forward to having you stop by our Deli to check out our new location and selection of delicious local meats.


  • Starting Tuesday, January 31st, we will be opening an hour earlier at 9am! Tuesdays - Saturdays

  • Keep up to date with some of our daily specials and what's happening at the deli on our Instagram page. @doublekranchmt

  • Lots of new items coming soon, including more deli meats sliced to order and Chicharrones made from our own pork rinds.

  • Don't forget to check out our selection of non-meat food products as well, find other items to go on a charcuterie board or to cook up for dinner!


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