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Double K Ranch News - June 13th, 2022

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Sustainability Practices

Read below to learn how and why the Double K Ranch produces High Quality & Sustainable Meat

Check out our new sustainability page on the website (Scroll down or click the sustainability submenu)

Read about all the sustainable efforts on the ranch and how we do our best to be good stewards of the land and treat the animals with the utmost respect.

1 : Solar Panels

The Double K Ranch has a total of 111 solar panels on the property, all contributing power to the energy usage of the meat shop located on-site. Initially starting with 40 solar panels, and adding another 71 in 2021, we are now able to power a large portion of the meat shop entirely with solar power. This is a great step towards fully powering our operation with sustainable energy.

2 : Compost

When the Double K Ranch built its slaughter facility, it also created a compost facility to deal with all of the inedible items gathered when processing. Now, instead of wasting any parts of the animals, the inedible products are then turned into good soil for the land. Nothing is wasted. We are also able to compost our food scraps and encourage our employees to bring their scraps from home as well. When previously we could just feed vegetable scraps to chickens and pigs on the ranch, we can now compost the leftovers that could not be fed to animals. This includes any meat waste, bones, and food the animals shouldn't have due to diet, or simply do not like.

3 : Recycling

At the Double K Ranch, we recycle everything we can. It's tough to avoid using some plastics and receiving items shipped in cardboard boxes, so when we do use these items, we make sure to recycle everything possible. From aluminum and tin cans to plastics and cardboard. We also encourage our employees to bring their recycling from home and add it in, making it easier for them to recycle, and helping out the planet.

4 : Low transportation emissions

The Double K Ranch can cut its emissions generated by transportation for several reasons. All help reduce our carbon footprint.

On-Site butcher shop

Our on-site butcher shop allows us to keep our animals on the property at all times and not have to transport our animals to a slaughter facility. The animals stay on our ranch from start to finish and never have to leave, meaning there are no emissions used to transport them anywhere off the property. This also greatly reduces the stress on the animals, giving them a better, calmer life.

Selling to a local market

We also don't have to ship our meats out of the local market to sell them, everything is sold within Montana, and 95% of our meat is sold here within the Bitterroot Valley and Missoula. By supporting our local meat shop, you know that you are helping reduce emissions and carbon footprint to deliver meat that is typically shipped all around the country in fleets of semi-trucks. At the Double K Ranch, when you buy meat it comes directly from us.

Never Selling Boxed Meat

Typically in the meat industry, most butcher shops purchase boxed meat to keep up with demand. Purchasing whole ribeyes and New Yorks in bulk and leaving the rest of the animal behind. But at the Double K Ranch, that is not how we operate. We only ever sell local meat, raised right here at the Ranch and in Montana. Nothing is ever shipped to our meat shop in boxes. Because of this, sometimes we will be sold out of those oh-so-delicious Ribeyes, but there are plenty of other great cuts from the animal to choose from. By doing this, we completely cut out the middlemen and never have to buy meats that have been raised in one state, killed in another, and processed in yet another. Greatly reducing the emissions that are typically used to get meat from one place to another.

Non-GMO Montana made feed

The cattle on the Double K Ranch are fed only grass hayed from our fields, meaning we don't have to ship any feed-in for the cattle. The pigs are also always on pasture, but require some feed to keep them growing nice and happy. So for this, we use a local Montana-made feed that is non-GMO. Containing no soy or corn, it is better for the pigs and does not contain the pesticides that are usually sprayed on these crops. Because our feed is not made out of state and then shipped here to Montana, we can reduce emissions by getting it made locally. Another great benefit of this feed is all of the ingredients are grown in Montana. So while there may be lots of different feeds made in Montana, the ingredients could be shipped in from all over the world, so having a feed that is sourced from all Montana-grown ingredients is a big bonus.

Why Do We Care?






Keep learning about the sustainability efforts of the ranch and much more every week, here on the Ranch News page. Also, keep updated while we add to our sustainability page as time goes on. We aim to continue making the ranch as eco-friendly as possible, and there's plenty more to get done. We are always working for a brighter future.

Pictured below is one of the twin calves born on the ranch this spring!

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