Meet the team behind the action at the Double K Ranch & Fifth Season Montana, making some of the Highest Quality Meats in Montana. From Start to finish, we put the animals well being first.


Dillon Kouf &
Tesalynn Breault

Owner & Operators

Dillon Kouf oversees all of the operations at the Double K Ranch & Fifth Season Montana. Making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, from the animal operations to the products created in the meat shops and everything in between.

Tesalynn Breault runs both the hog and chicken operations on the property, as well as helping out with the day to day work in the meat shop. She is also the photographer and runs the social media platforms for the ranch.

Jim & Lynn Kouf


Founders of the Double K Ranch, Jim and Lynn Kouf have operated the ranch since 1985. Starting with just a few cows and growing from there. In the beginning, it was all about showing family and friends where good meat comes from. Now, it's about showing all of Montana.


Adam Hebert

Shop Manger

Adam runs the day to day operations in the meat shop. Making sure the shop is clean, and ready for daily inspection, Adam keeps the team going with what needs to be done. Ensuring that each product is dealt with and handled with care.


Ryan James

Food Truck Head Chef

Ryan is the Head Chef of the Double K Ranch Food Truck. Turning all of our delicious meat into tasty and local Ranch to Table meals. Check out our food trailer page to see where Ryan is serving up tasty food near you!


Ryan Lewis

Lead Butcher

Kelsey Unger

Ranch Hand


Riely Heppner

Farm Operations & Sustainability Manager