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Double K Ranch
Double K Ranch
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Love Cured Meats?

Look No Further

Join one of our subscription packages and

get cured meats delivered straight to your door!


Shipping in Montana only

If you are located out of state,

you may arrange to pick up at our shop

Salami of the Month

1 Salami - Sliced

Once a month

Delivered directly to your door

Invitation to ranch events

Salami Fan Club

$50 of salami (per box) - 10% off

Shipped Quarterly - Paid Yearly

March, June, September, December 

Invitation to ranch events

Salami Lover Club

$105 of salami (per box) - 20% off

Shipped Quarterly - Paid Yearly

March, June, September, December

Early invitation to Ranch Events


A portion of profits donated to charities throughout Montana. 

Shipping available in Montana only*

Call Now! (406) 802-4372

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Subscription Box

Choose from one of our three subscriptions plans and get salami delivered right to your door! Shipping in Montana Only

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